Uninteresting Old Stuff

This stuff is older than the hills and twice as uninteresting. Really, you won't find anything edifying here. Things I want to share, things I have found, things I think are neat. Enjoy being un-edify-ed!

Salmon Berry Blossom with baby Salmon Berry, April 16th 2014

Red-capped Robin, Male | birdsaspoetry

Northwestern garter snake (Thamnophis ordinoide)

(via Fiesta Dishes by Homer Laughlin Assorted Colorful by Astarix)

MushroomSeabeck, Washington
Fern heads coming up in the Columbines
April 16 2014
Salmon Berry Blossom  April 16 2014

Red Flowering Currant  Native NW plant

Abandoned asylum.

amazing photo set!  Check out the entire set on Flickr